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Now in the category of Grey Nomads, we have always enjoyed life to the extent of SkiddinginSidewayZ

Paying attention to life's present tense - soaking up its many blessings and sharing our stories

Bringing home pebbles to inspire our progeny to go out and do the same.    

When you are globe trotting; there is no better anti-dote to cabin fever when you are feeling fearful, F... and far from home than going for a run or cycle. It offers bonus value too. You get to be up close and personal and see more than a conventional tour would offer.

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Eventually we will save all our stories in one place.

Until then you can catch up on our past here: 

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Our Story

We go by the names of Gogo and Buzz respectively. We collect rocks, pebbles actually. We travel. We skid in sideways, but do respect the present tense. We are grateful to our Maker for our many blessings.


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