We left Africa in a blaze of cosmic glory. You say: Huh? I say this:


In the autumn, the veld and verges along the highways and byways in Gauteng and the Free State take you to pink and purple places. The countryside literally explodes with colour; whites, pinks, reds, I like to think there are shades of purple of this delicate daisy-like flower known as Cosmos. You can ask Uncle Google about the Cosmos Season in South Africa and I believe Australia has one too. The origin of the flower in both countries is interesting and similar. Go and look when you are done reading here. The keywords are Horse Feed and Mexico.

So, as Flight No QR 1364 took off from Oliver Tambo Airport, when I looked back down on the mish-mash of runways, one half of me was excited for another adventure and the other a bit heavy and sad. Then I caught sight of thousands upon thousands of these exquisite flowers holding fort cheerfully along the runways, between the black ribbons of tarmac and I knew; everything is gonna be OK; with our loved ones in Africa and in Australia there are loved ones waiting. It was the sign I needed and I could say Thank you, Lord and sit back and savor the present tense.


I started writing this newsflash on board at about 15h00; timing is tricky when you are crossing times zones and are feeling as I am now…jetlagged!


This one is mainly for you, Miss E, and of course, our knee-hi’s; because of your zest for life and to fuel your sense of adventure. Because of you, I am trying to see this travel thing through fresh eyes, your eyes. So as not to bore the others click on the cosmos pic below to follow the link and read on. Our FFF’s, you know how to get there too, should you be brave enough.



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